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Creative solutioneering for maximum brand power

Brand power.

What we do.

We create award-winning design work. Graphic design, Web design and Social media. We create everything that goes to print or posts online using professional photography, awesome graphic design and marketing and branding experience to help your business grow. That’s Brand Power.


Where we are.

We’re based in Hernando, Mississippi. We have huge, creative ideas and branding solutions for a small town creative design firm.


What is ImageFuel?

im•age fu•el
  n. or v.
 (im•ij) (fyoo’el)
  1. brand power  2. what powers an identity.
  3. an explosive combination of ingredients that make the perfect identity or brand.
  4. giving power to a name.  
5. giving respect to an unknown.


Your image is your identity. ImageFuel is what powers an identity. Brand power.
ImageFuel provides you with inspired graphic design and advertising to fuel your business or product.  ImageFuel can energize your uniqueness and make it stand out from the ordinary. We will not simply recycle what we have done for someone else.  It’s all about you!


Our Services.

Corporate Identity

ImageFuel will create a powerful brand for your company. We’ll create a custom, unique and timeless logo design that represents your company and positions it above your competition.


Print and Advertising

We love print!  ImageFuel designs anything and everything that goes to print. We can design brochures, media kits, posters and ads. We have a vast knowledge of the entire printing process, relationships with area printers and we will get the best priced quote.


Website Design

ImageFuel will design a website for your business that’s effective, timely and within your budget. We listen to your objectives and tell your story in order to achieve your goals.  Using your key information along with professional photography, we will take your clients on your journey.


Video Production

ImageFuel has created video commercials and documentaries. Watch ImageFuel’s creative videos.  Enjoy!


Our latest work.

We recently created a logo design for a gourmet mushroom farm outside Hattiesburg, MS. The simple one-color logo has an earthy, homegrown feel that is carried through the website and their promotional material.


Contact us.

You can’t sit around and wait for things to happen.
 To be competitive, you need innovative and powerful communication tools that will position you in front of the right audience, right now. Contact ImageFuel for your creative and branding needs.


Adam Mitchell

Adam Mitchell

Creative Fuel at ImageFuel

Adam has done many things over the past two decades; all relating in creative advertising and marketing. He started in the outdoor advertising industry where he mastered the art of copywriting and clever headlines. From outdoor, he moved on to other advertising mediums such as digital indoor advertising where he was Creative Director at a digital network reaching over 3 million college students.

Seeking a more creative environment, Adam found jobs where he could utilize his talents over many advertising mediums like web, social media and print. He won several awards for poster designs and other promotional print material while he was Art Director at Memphis in May.

Adam now owns and co-publishes DeSoto Magazine. He loves all aspects of the business: Magazine and ad design, photography, website design, social media and dealing with individual magazine clients. As a former Memphian, he loves the charm and community of Hernando and the Mid-South. Adam loves his twin daughters, loves to play guitar and perform at local gigs and can be found fishing on a lake or trout river when there’s any extra time.

Adam knows advertising. He knows how to brand a company and create a memorable and effective advertising campaign. He prefers to work with small, local clients that want to think big. That’s what Brand Power is all about. That’s what ImageFuel does best.